Artifact request from the Princeton Historical Society

Vickie Wielgosh, Princeton Historical Society Phase 2 Renovation Chairwoman has a solid plan
for moving forward with the Phase 2 renovation of the Folklore Museum as well as three concept
drawings prepared by artist, Mary Lind.
The portion of the building being remodeled for Phase 2 will contain exhibits on local municipalities, arts and entertainment, service organizations, emergency services, manufacturing, agriculture, communications, and churches. Wielgosh is looking for stories, history, and Princeton artifacts for all of these aspects of the community.
For example, Wielgosh said, “We are looking for anything that has to do with the old theater, billboards, fliers, or that kind of stuff. We are looking for artifacts and fliers from old bands that used to be in town. We are looking for new things from our current artisans from blown glass to
blacksmithing to our hidden artisans. We hope to showcase current artists.”
“We are researching the service organizations that have been in town. Some of them are very difficult. If they have any kind of specific names or emblems. We want to use organization emblems and showcase that and their stories. We want to showcase why they are a service,
organization how long they have been around and what they have contributed.”
“In manufacturing, we want to go from the beginning, the coopers, and blacksmiths to TTI and Whimsy Mountain. We are looking for their stories and artifacts from them, for example the overall factory that was here, whatever you’re manufacturing. We want to know if we are
missing something.”
“In the Agriculture section we are featuring the farms that have been in the family for over one hundred years. We are hoping to learn the stories from the families that have 100 year farms. For communications we are looking for an old wooden wall phone up to modern phones, a switchboard, letter writing tools like a quill and inkwell, and post office supplies.”
“We are also looking for a stained glass window for our church section. We are specifically looking for antiques, not replicas, and artifacts that are specific to Princeton.”
Wielgosh has also drawn up a volunteer and supply request list. She would love to have volunteers donate hours to hang and finish drywall, hang insulation, rewire antique lighting to use in displays, document artifacts, clean artifacts, and the museum. floor sand with a stand-up
sander, build custom cabinetry, and docent on Saturdays from April through October.
Supplies can also be donated, or the cost of the supplies can be donated. Here is a list of current needs with estimated cost. Two streetlamp poles and top assembly to light Princeton original Acorn streetlamp shades (2 fittings – $513.76, 2 light poles – $406.76), drywall – $900.00,
outdoor double door – $850.00, insulation – $2,500.00, box car siding for ceiling $3,500.00, floor sander rental $175.00, 11×14 acrylic picture frames – 4/$63.95 (we need as many as 48), 4 step folding ladder with wheels 350 lb. capacity – $280.00, laser projector, cables, screen remote control – $1,000.00, 40 padded folding chairs – $50.00 each, metal storage shelving t; $150.00 each, 3 digital electronic hygrometers for measuring humidity – $300.00 each, sponsor monthly internet service, a computer for visitors for research – $2,000.00, 6 wall hanging flip
books – $250.00 each.
“This is a short list of building supplies to finish the last half of the folklore museum. Our current estimate to build Phase 2 is approx. $90,000.00 with $30,000.00 in hand and about $20,000.00 in comparable volunteer hours so we still need $40,000.00 to finish this project,” concluded Wielgosh. Contact Vickie Wielgosh, Princeton Historical Society Renovation Chairwoman at 920-291-5434 or to find out how you can contribute.

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